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Self Love = Self Care

Take the time to rest if your body calls for it and treat yourself to some a spa day when you can.
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Your Hair Porosity & What It Means

Trying to figure what your hair porosity is and what it means? You've come to the right place. Read up on how to test your porosity and recommendations to keep your hair healthy and strong!
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Dry, Crunchy 4c Hair?

It's hair wash day. You've got all your products lined up. It's time-consuming but it's always worth it. Hair washed, lightly dried but when you put your...
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Have Your Edges When This is Over

The hair salon is closed and out of boredom maybe you took that protective style out to play with your hair for a bit. I know I've definitely been doing it

That's fine but the last thing we all want is BREAKAGE

Here are my 3 Quick Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Your Edges Intact:

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