The Persephone Headband - Light Blush


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Supermoon Studio

Create great hair days with the Persephone Headband! Oversized, plush and dramatic, this velvet headband is great for a variety of occasions. Whether you are lounging at home or out for a night on the town it is a must-have for your hair accessory collection- especially if you are a lover of statement piece headbands, boho hairstyles, turbans and headscarves. It is also a great gift. 


Design: I am extremely meticulous about fabric quality and believe in paramount craftswomanship when creating hair accessories. Every headband is a true reflection of my beliefs and is reflected in the quality of my custom work.


These are not run of the mill mass production headbands. 


You will experience this with the attention to detail in the color, volume, quality and refined style. 


Composition: The plush velvet braid is joined in the back with elastic. The joining elastic provides stretch for comfort. All headbands are lined with silk to keep your locks luscious. 


Spot clean only: This velvet can take a lot of rubs (60,000) and is stain resistant so spot clean with a white or natural damp cloth, blot dry. 


Sizing and Measurements: 


Interior circumference is 19 inches without stretching. Please send me a message if you want a custom size.


The actual braid (measured across the top) is about 2.65 inches wide.