Desperation Breeds Determination

In March 2020, I looked at my phone to see that all of Los Angeles like a lot of cities then were under stay-at-home orders. I hadn't really stocked up on my supplies I need for my hair routines.

These weren't products I could just walk into Walmart or Target and for my items I had to go to a beauty supply store. Of course at that point all the beauty supply stores were closed.

I managed with what I had - adamant that I would resort to buying from Amazon as a last resort as I knew their workers were incredibly overworked and underpaid. So I started searching on Instagram for black hair products and was pleasantly surprised by all the brands and products I'd never heard of.

I wanted to create a website that could curate these brands made by working working entrepreneurs working multiple jobs, creating amazing products made specifically I felt for me. 

With that Ebony Crown was created in May 2020. It was only 2 weeks into building the site and onboarding our first brand that George Floyd was murdered.


It felt like the air was on fire and suddenly - more than just pushing for equality, consumers wanted to know who and where their money was going to. This was the validation I needed that I was building something not just for me but for millions.


The Team

Onyekachi Amadi - Co-Founder & CEO of Ebony Crown

 Onyekachi Amadi - Co-Founder & CEO of Ebony Crown


Margarita Sandoval - Co-Founder & CMO of Ebony Crown
Margarita Sandoval - Co-Founder & CMO of Ebony Crown
We are a team of 2 women founders entirely bootstrapped and working to make Ebony Crown a success.

Our Mission

It's more than just having black-owned beauty supply stores. It's the fact that out of the $2.5B Black Hair & Beauty Market only 15% of that money goes to Black entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to highlight indie Black-owned hair and beauty brands that for so long are denied space in beauty supply stores or mainstream retailers. We want to curate products made for us by brands and entrepreneurs that reflect the market they serve.